iBowSight App
As planned and promised, the iBowSight Application has been on the iTune AppStore since December 24th 2011. Here is the link to purchase the iBowSight application at the iTune store…iBowSight. The iBowSight Application transforms the iPhone into a highly precise bow sight. It also leverages the iPhone’s advanced electronics and iOS 5 to make the iBowSight a hunting video camera which can film every shot and store them into the internal memory of the iPhone. The video will be recorded in 720p and 1080p when using the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S respectively.
Shortly after July 4th, a free update to iBowSight should be available via download for current iBowSight v1.0 users. Since v1.1 is so significantly different from v1.0, the new features described below are for v1.1 only.
1. Triangular range finder is part of the feature set of v1.1. One only has to enter the height in feet from the archer's shoulder to the ground. When activated, the yardage based on angle and height will be displayed in the middle of the screen right above the ring. If the distance is less than 20 yards or the water level is tilted beyond the level 1 alert, messages like "out of range" or "unreliable" will be displayed instead of calculating the horizontal distance. The height of the archer's shoulder to the ground as entered will always be displayed on the upper right hand corner just under the current profile name.
2. A settings selection button is added to the profile description window to select between single pin and multi pin sight configuration.
3. A mode for single pin set up with slide tape is available. This allows one to switch between a single pin distance slide tape configuration and traditional multi-pin configuration.
4. When in single pin mode, the current slide set position yardage will be displayed on the upper right hand corner of the screen notifying in what position the pin was last placed.
5. When in single pin mode, a faint yellow line will be displayed on the furthest left edge of the screen. By placing your finger on the yellow line, a slide bar will appear which shows choices of shape and color of pins along with preset distances. As your finger moves up and down the yellow bar, the pin calculated yardage will be displayed to make selecting the specific yardage simple and effortless.
6. The sight ring can be sized from 0.3” radius to an edge to edge radius of 2.1”.
7. The sight ring has up to 2.6 million color choices.
8. The sight ring can be micro-adjusted in increments of 5/652 and/or 3/326” depending on rounding.
9. Each pin size can be adjusted from 0.012” radius to 0.240” radius.
10. Each pin has up to 2.6 million color choices.
11. Each pin can have its own shape besides a standard dot. For version 1.0 there is a total of 9 shapes to start with.
12. One can add up to 7 pins to the sight screen.
13. There is built in digital zoom from 1.0X based on internal optics to 4.0X based on an increment of 0.01X.
14. 3rd axis adjustment is available to accommodate the most demanding and specific sight set up.
15. Built in water level for visual bow leveling. The thickness of the level can be adjusted and so can the location of the level. By pinching the level one can make it thinner to one's choice.
16. Sight level confirmation via ring color choices. Example: One can set the ring color to be green (color A) when leveled and red (color B) when the bow is tilted. Thus one can look at the ring color change instead of the water level to confirm if the bow is leveled. The sensitivity of this indicator can be adjusted from 1 degree to as much as 20 degrees.
17. A second level of bow tilt alert (a directional pointing arrow) is displayed when a set angle of bow tilt is reached. Besides the currently change of ring color alone, an arrow will be shown for the correction direction
18. One can have the option to set the sight as an automatic pendulum sight. One can set the pendulum to be activated from 0 to 90 degrees. When set at 90 degrees, the sight is a full pendulum sight and only one pin will show until the sight is above 90 degree. When the pendulum activation is set at 0 degrees it is the same as deactivating the Pendulum sight. This feature allows the best of both systems. In pendulum mode, the choice of sight pin shape and color are totally independent from the original pins. However, the reference position of the pendulum sight is still based on the first sight pin which usually is the 20 yard pin. Therefore, setting the first pin in use is critical for the pendulum sight option to function properly. The system also allows one to adjust the radius of the pendulum sight virtually so it can adjust to the slowest or to the fastest bow with no ill effects when one decides to use the full pendulum capability. Even with the fastest bow on the market one has the ability to use a full pendulum to sight in at long yardages.
19. Can hold up to 20,000 storable profiles in memory (each profile stores: name of profile, range finder setting including height, video instant on setting, pendulum on setting, bow name, arrow name, arrow length, point weight, and other parameters settings)
20. Operational indicators: at the very middle top of the Application screen, there is room for 4 mini icons to show which options are active. (Currently only 2 are available to the user in v1.0.)
1. red dot: Recording function is on
2. blue pendulum: Pendulum function is on
3. yellow vibration line: Tilt vibration alert is on (not yet functional in this version)
4. white fan line: Laser range finder in use (not yet functional in this version as accessories are needed)
21. 100% iOS5.1 native, and fully supports iMessage, so when you receive a text message there is NO interference with the target acquisition process at all.
22. The title bar is back so you can look at your battery level, signal level/Airplane mode, time, and blue tooth status