When: August 4; registration opens @ 7 pm; start shooting @ ~ 8:15 pm
What: 30 of targets shot under the trap lights from known yardages
Price: $15
Payback: 60%
Classes: Open, Hunter, Traditional
Contact: Marc

Everyone will shoot 30 targets and then the top shooters in each class will have a shoot down to see who takes home the money.

Everyone will shoot from the same shooting line. After all of the arrows are shot, archers will then approach the targets and score.

Arrows: Need 3 arrows plus extras.
Range official(s) available to make the final call on any arrow in question.
Scoring: ASA scoring - low 12's first half, high 12's second half, low 12's in shot off, and 14's in play.
Concessions will be available.