I know this is primarily a 3D site, but if any of you chewies have a hankering to try out field archery, there's a great tournament coming up July 25-29th in Mechanicsburg, PA that will give you the perfect opportunity.

The National event is being hosted by the Mechanicsburg Sportsmenís Association and I can tell ya, those ranges there are some of the nicest in the east. The 5 field courses are set on 153 gently rolling acres, the shooting lanes are wide enough to shoot 4 across, they are clear, and nearly level. There's plenty of shade to protect you from the rays and the people are about the most fun you'll meet on an archery course. This is a 5/3 shooting format (shoot all 5 days or pick and choose your 3 days) with everyone shooting on Friday. The physical address of the courses is:493 Sample Bridge Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.

Registration can be done online at: https://www.nfaaarchery.org/secure/r...tdoorStep1.cfm

Hoping to see some of you foam shooters out there.