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    Default drop a way rest question

    How do you attach the drop a way rest cable to the bow down cable ? do you just tie it on, or do you have to press the bow to put the rest cable thru the bow cable ? or is there a part that I have to buy ? I have on the other bow a drop a way rest but it attached at the cable slide....
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    You can use a clamp to attach to the down cable or you can separate the cable and put it threw it but u still need to use serving thread to to secure it from moving. I like using the clamp. Ripcord calls theirs a FOOTBALL clamp, and that is the one that I use.
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    Ihave mine tied to the down cable with the same knot you use for a d loop. Ihave used serving thread and served the rope on to the down cable to .

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    Via the D-loop method also. Never need to press the bow or split your cable.
    Serve a couple of inches of cable, tie a nock on it, do the D-loop below the nock. simple.
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    Default drop away rest instalation

    go to youtube and type in QAD ulta rest instilation there is a good video on how to attach your lanyard to your cable

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    I dont have to worry about all of that. Cause I have a limb driver. They are alot simple than other rests to tune.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bowman90 View Post
    I dont have to worry about all of that. Cause I have a limb driver. They are alot simple than other rests to tune.
    Aaahhh I've taught you well young grasshopper

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