Greeting to all!

New to the forum and could use some help. My 11 year old son picked up a bow for the first time on Monday at a range up in Minnesota and absolutely loved it! The instructor at the range was impressed by how well he shot for his first time and how it seemed to come natural to him. It is all he thinks about now.

My question is, NOW WHAT DO I DO?

We live in the Aurora/Naperville western suburbs of Chicago. My son wants nothing more than for me to purchase equipment for him but its not like he can just go outside and shoot at a target in front of the garage.

My son is not the most social kid and has never had much interest (or performed well) in team sports so I really want to take advantage of this interest as I know the long term affect it can have on him.

I am truly desperate and any help the community could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ahead of time!