Creep or fine timing the Cam & ½
(Article by Javelina, thanks for such a great how-to)

I rarely have to make any adjustments after I’ve set the timing, but the few times that I have missed a little, this worked for me…. It is a variation on the old stand by Creep tuning methods…

With the tiller set to even (limb bolts bottomed and backed out the same on both limbs to your shooting weight) Set the timing as close as you can by eye.

I like to start with my sight zeroed at 20 yards. Using ½ or ¾ inch masking put a horizontal line on your 20 yard target. Shoot 3 or 4 arrows aiming at the tape, be sure to draw only to the wall do not pull into the cams. Only use your good shots; the bad ones don’t count.

This is where the Cam & ½ differs from the two cam bow in creep tuning. Since there is no real valley you can’t creep into it.

Now shoot 3 or 4 more arrows at the line, while drawing your bow hard into the cams (you’re over rotating the cams just a bit) this is what most people describe as the mushy feeling on the cam & 1/2. Again use only your good shots.

If your bow is in perfect time all your shots will hit the line, and the mushy feeling will be almost unnoticeable. If the shots fired while pulling hard into the cams hit high, apply a ½ twist to the control cable.
If the shots fired while pulling hard into the cams hit low apply a ½ twist to the buss cable.

Repeat until all shots hit the tape….

If you want to tune it even closer; repeat at 30 or 40 yards….