A farmer that lives down the way called one of Michigan's finest DNR officer and complained about all the speed beef he saw eating his beans. Mr. DNR took a drive out and said 'Wow you got alot of Critter chewing on your beans, here let me bestow some of the coveted crop damage permits upon you".

Well now.........

My good buddy mr. Farmer walks into his shop where he finds me in my normal position by his fridge drinking one of his cold beers and said to me "Gator, your a pretty good guy, you always help me find the bottom of each box of beer I buy, you always offer your advise and opinion even when I don't ask. You even hold the light while I work on stuff. Let me pay you back for all your hard work with a coveted crop damage permit"

Here it is boys...........stare and be in aahhh.