I am selling my 2011 Hoyt Carbon Element (Bone Collector Edition) 30' Draw, 60-70 lb. (32' Length Bow).

I got this bow last year and it is truly one of the best bow's I have ever had. I did however make the mistake and shot another bow at a friend's sporting goods store and would like to upgrade if possible. If I can sell this one and get what I need to upgrade then great... If not, I'm not losing anything coz' this one is awesome.

Bow has the Fuel #3 Cams. XR-3E-BR Sticker says 29.5 but has PEG settings from A-E to adjust draw between 28' - 30' in 1/2' increments.

Someone asked me how much I had used this bow... So here are the details: I got this bow last September... Shot maybe 5 occassions sighting it in. I then shot (2) tourney's with it (actually won long shot '87 yards' with it). I then took it in the woods maybe 4 times. I pulled back once and killed a buck with it. Since then, its been in this case. I took it out and shot a round with my kids last week but other than that... that's about it.

Note: While using it for hunting, I actually had a hard case that I took it in. My wife got me this Team Hoyt Soft case for Christmas and thats where I keep it now, coz' this bow does not get stored in the garage or shed... it goes in my closet. hehehe!

Anyway, just trying to answer questions before being asked.

READ THIS: I am selling the Bow ONLY. (NO Sights, NO Rest, NO Stabilizer) Just stripped down bow. Gonna use gear on new bow.

$950.00 for this awesome bow. Can ship if need, just cover the S/H cost.

Thanks for looking!

David @ 601-four98-4six98 or dfree71@gmail.com