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    Default **Predator Camo** Anyone Use It??

    Has anyone ever used this stuff? If so Id like to know what you think of it. Ive been checking it out, but im just not sold 100% yet over scentblocker and scent lok. Any Inquiries would be grealy appriciated.

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    Are you kidding. I think Predator is one of the best patterns on the market. Especially the Fall Grey when it comes to treestand hunting. It's right up there with ASAT.

    Spring Green is absolutely the cat's meow for srping gobblers.

    All these other modern patterns might look cool when you're on the ground, but do yourself a favor. Put somebody up a tree, back off 20 yards or so and take some black and white pics of that person using different camo patterns. Do it from several different distances and angles. Most will look just like a dark blob on the side of a tree.
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    Agree with bfisher. I use Predator - that and ASAT are the only ones I'd bother with.
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    I love it ,in fact once I was wearing it and couldn't find myself!!!! I had to post on the you know who you are threaad untill i found myself again???? But really it's great camo even in the Aussie Bush!!!
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    I love it also. It blends in really well

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    I still think most camo is made to fool the hunter not the deer.

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