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    Question Building a longbow

    Hello Everybody , Looking for some specks on building a good longbow for myself , because they are so darned expensive , I would like to make one 68" long hickory backed, osage belly 29" draw at around 60lbs. Glass laminates , can ayone give me some taper measurements for this end result . non bending riser with enough meat on it for center shot and radiused shelf. locater grip type ,trial and error I can not afford at the moment . If any one has the right formula to share I would be very thankful. Let me know soon. Will need glass and wood Lam thickness and taper demensions.

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    go to and I am sure there are lots of folk on there who can give you help on how to built your own long bow
    Bill Olmesdahl
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    Default Bow building

    Thanks Bill, I'll give that a try.

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    Tradgang and trad talk are also a couple of good references.
    Is Bingham Archery still around? They used to sell kits.
    3rivers archery might still sell unfinished raw longbows and I'm sure the material to build one.
    Archerytalk has at least 1 guy in their trad section who builds longbows that might be of help.
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    3 rivers is what alot of trad guys in my neck of the woods seem to like
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