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This deer was near my ladder stand looking up at " yours truly " watching me as I just turned my bow site light on , as it was dark but still legal hunting time . She was maybe 10 yards away , and seemed mature enough , was an adult with good length from nostril to eye and weigh the 150 lb. + class .

Well she turned and gave me a great can't miss lung shoot and I let my only rage broadhead ( rest are sptifires with some fix ) do it's thing and she took off after I hearing that sound of a pass through of both lungs !

She ran maybe 60 yards and I waited 30 minutes ( I went back to the truck to get the large flashlight and take off some clothing ) to walk up on one expired deer !

Yes my friend " Hutch " , the Carpshooter has returned !

The Bold and underlined sections are in question?
You do know jack deer is illegal right!!!!!!

Oh Btw here is Westy's Christmas pic
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