I have a 60lb 2011 all black PSE EVO i'm looking to sell or trade. This thing is MINT! 9-10 I can't find a mark on it anywhere. Might have a set screw mark from the rest but that would be it! I just got this bow to upgrade my dads while he is deployed but I want to get him something with a little longer BH instead. I'm interested in one of the bows listed in 60,65,or 70lb. Bow must be in great condition like this one and strongly prefer black or black riser camo limbs but will look at all camo bows also. This is for the BARE BOW. Since I have to put a price on it $550 TYD but I would really rather just trade it. You can find me on Archerytalk under the same user name for feedback.

Bowtech Invasion
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