(Southern IL) For Sale - Technohunt TH300 - Arrow Speed Chronograph & Simulated Yardage

I'm sure all of you know more about these systems than I do, but I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have. I bought this system used a few years ago, and my hope for adding archery to my business plan just hasn't worked out. The system is currently disassembled and in storage/boxes in southern Illinois, so photos wouldn't tell you much more than what I'm saying here, but I'll be happy to provide a few pictures of specific items if requested.

This TH300 system is complete with the additional sensors necessary for Arrow Speed Detection and Simulated Yardage, and I've already had a common impact area of the screen patched that was starting to look a little fuzzy.

Sharp LCD Projector, Archery Interactive patented Model 1500 tracking system, Archery Interactive Technohunt software including League Management (capable of multiple leagues), printout and shooter database capabilities for tournament, league and individual play management and record keeping. 75, 100, and 125 grain blunt arrow tips specifically designed for use with system. Computer, video monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and speakers, and probably a few things I'm forgetting at the moment. Custom made wooden framework for screen and sensor detection strips. All items in well cared for condition.

Asking $15,000 OBO