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    Default Fletching alignment?

    Hi, this is probably a stupid question and I apologize. I am learning to shoot and at first I had a very simple youth longbow so I could see if I liked archery. The fletchings were always aligned so the "odd" color pointed towards me. Right now I'm using a Hoyt Excel recurve with the default arrow rest (which is wicked flimsy, what's up with that?) But the arrows I have don't line up that way when they are loaded onto the bow. Does it matter since I now have an arrow rest, where my old bow did not? Mr. Howlindawgs, who is teaching me to shoot a bow but uses a compound bow with a whisker biscuit, (so it doesn't matter for him) doesn't know. I love this bow, I'm not very strong or good yet but it is WICKED FUN!!! Thank you.
    P.S. I think it's even helping my running cause I put in extra mileage chasing lost arrows around the yard
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