Ok, I've had a rip code on my on my bow for 1 1/2 years now and for some reason it's making a loud snapping noise when I shoot. I took it to a dealer and he agreed it was the rest and we paper tuned it and it was out. The rest wasn't falling fast enough and the vanes were hitting the rest. The dealer tore the rest apart and cleaned it and put on a longer string saying it would help it drop faster. We went back to paper tune it and it definetly shoots better but is still loud. He said the only fix was to put on a different rest. I put some thin foam padding on the riser to try and silence it but it's still loud and you can see the finger marking in the foam from the rest. Im shooting a 09 Hoyt katera witch is set at 64lb and 29" draw shooting 311fps. Any help would be great. I'm considering going to a qad hd because I heard there more tunable then the rip code and thinking that would help?