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    Default Slide Sight on a RecurveBow

    Hi Volks,

    Since February this Year I'm Shooting a 68" Recurve Bow (Cartel Fantom) on Fita Target. And I'm living in Germany. So since Bowhunting is Forbidden here and most of the 3D Target Archers are going on Instinctive Shooting there are not much people i can talk to with the Problem i'm facing. Like six weeks ago i startet to go through some 3D Parcours. And it's way more fun than standing in front of a Target. But with my Large Bow and the Long Stabilizer its hard to go through the Trails an stuff- you know what i mean. So here i'm looking for a Hunting Bow. I would like to have a Compound Bow but i cant afford the one im looking on right now. So i decided to buy a Hoyt Dorado. But as im used to shoot with the Sight on my usual Recurve i also want a Sight on the Dorado. And i would like to use a Sliding Sight like the Vital X Star Trax or Optimizer Lite Ultra. But i Realized, that the Adjusting Range is mostly limited to 2" or less. I guess these Sights are ment to use only on fast shooting Compound Bows. So does any of you guys have a Sight like them on a Recurve bow? Is there a Sight besides the Sure-Loc Sportsman special that comes with a Range in 2,5" ? Or has any of you guys a Sight like this on a Recurve bow?

    Regard from Germany - Florian
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    Wish I had a solution for you. But I know of no slider type sight for recurves. Spot-Hogg makes a bracket that drops (or raises) any sight a 1/2 inch if that help,. which may alow you to use one of the sights you mentioned.
    In my neck of the woods a sight on a recurve puts you in the same class as a compound anyway. In my opinion I would look at the recurve target sights even though they are'nt sliders, but screw adjustment sights. I've shot a 64" recurve for a few years in 3d, never has the lenth of the bow been a problem. I don't think you need a shorter bow. Mabey lose the long stabalizer for a shorter one.
    I'm assuming, that your 3d courses are the same as mine in clearance for the bow. Yours may be different in reality. Welcome to 3dshoots.
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    Ok, then. I guess the Sportsman Special will be my choice. And because im not looking to win any championships, its ok with me to be put in the class with Compound Bows. And one option would be to custom make my own Slideing Sight, cause im working with milling/lathing mashines. But im to Busy(lazy)...

    Anyway i'll guess i will have to check it out what Range will be needed on that Dorado Bow. On my usual Recurve with 30 lbs i have to drop the Sight about 3 1/2" to shoot 60Meters, that will equal to a 2 1/2" drop with a Sight wich is closer to the Bow. You know i drew a Triangle with the distance Eye to Sight...

    So if the Dorado Bow will have like 40lbs - 45lbs the range will be more to 1 3/4" if my thinking is right... So maybe some other Slide Sights could fit. But i will have to check it when i have the Bow and Shoot it with a Random Target sight.

    Regards Florian

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