Call it human instinct or ESP or whatever you want but odds are, as a hunter, you’ve experienced it. That sudden and powerful feeling that will not be ignored. Something or someone is watching you. You feel the eyes on the back of your neck. It’s not a hunch, not a fleeting thought or passing feeling…it is real and with it, a sense of dread ensues. This is not time to run, no sudden movements or noise. Steady. Remain calm. Heightened senses on full alert, eyes scan the area. A slight sound nearby charges your body like an electric current. Then it comes…the unmistakable scent of the beast. Faint at first but then it envelopes you and the sense of dread thickens and makes you heavy. You feel vulnerable, slow and so very, very alone. There is no place to run; no place to hide…you must stand your ground. You remind yourself that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to conquer it and so, you remain focused, in control. The beast moves closer…too close. The smell is so strong it overwhelms the senses. It’s an awful smell, primal. Death is in the air. I look but cannot see. I listen but cannot hear. My mind is exploding with the worst fear known to man…Aunt Flo has returned.