Hi all,
I am looking to upgrade my bow to something newer and faster than what i currently have. I am looking to buy a used mathews mr5 or a mathews z7 magnum, would also consider a mr6. Looking for one in good shape, bare or set up does not matter. Would like to be under $650, would also consider a trade although i don't think anyone would want to trade for an older bow than what they already have as im looking for a newer bow. But its an option so here is what i have currently, Mathews Switchback with 29" draw set at 65lbs , cobra stabilizer and knuckle, cobra 3 pin sight, trophy ridge revolution arrow rest, brand new custom orange and black string, orange harmonic dampers or the factory black ones, switchback series case, orange and black wrist sling, peep sight kisser button, and 4 carbon express cx400arrows. I am located in western IL and would prefer a face to face deal, will meet and pay in cash. Please let me know what you've all got if theres anything out there