As of this morning we have every part of the Micro adjust rest in stock.

So now you can choose form 2 bow mounts, 3 side bars to fit your specific bow. I have design the original micro AeroRest base on Mathews Apex which has a much wider riser and a shallow arrow shelf. With the new narrow side bar which allow you to move 5 mm closer to the riser than the original side bar, this resolve the issue with bow like PSE shot through riser, and most Hoyt risers which which both have a much narrower profile.

The new Lower center of the bow mount allow ones to have the arrow rest much lower than what the original allows. 9 mm to be exact. So base on your bow configuration and personal preference. You now have 6 choices. Please note that the u-bracket only comes on narrow side bar, and all options comes with 3 fingers.