A few days ago I posted my method of cooking venison loin on the grill (nothing really new,but good).Here is another one to try.I just picked up 42 lbs. of venison hotdogs from the 8 pt. that I killed last week and decided to make this tonight.My mother use to make it (still does actually) when we were kids,but used regular hotdogs back then.Here are the ingredients; about 8 or so venison hotdogs,4 red peppers,4 yellow peppers, 6 to 8 poatoes chicken broth,and one large yellow onion.Cut everyting up,saute' the onion and peppers until soft.Then add the potatoes, and hotdogs and as much chicken broth as you like.Cover and let simmer until the potatoes are fork tender.Salt and pepper to taste.I do this in a ducth oven on the stove.This is a real good hearty fall meal.

42 lbs. of venison hotdogs

venison hotdogs and potatoes;outstanding