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    Question Hoyt katera 07-08 bow

    hoyt, kateraat buying a bow off a buddy of mine It's a Hoyt katera 07-08. Fully loaded. He wants $450. Hasn't been touched in almost 3 yrs. Is that a fare price or is this buddy not so much of a buddy. I'm not a Hoyt guy so I'm not sure if its worth it. I'm sure I will have to have the string replaced and a once over done.
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    Looks like a killer deal to me!

    The katera is a great shooting bow, decent speeds and solid specs.

    Go for it.

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    I bought my '09 katera from a dealer for $375 bare. it was his demo bow and he only used it a hand fulll of times, so set up and everything I say its right on the high side of the price range but not at the "buddy" price in my opinion.great bow though, I love mine. Also not being touched in 3 years you might need new strings if there dry rotted.
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    I guess it's a decent deal since it comes with everything pictured. Even though none of the stuff looks to be that great.
    You can get a bare Katera or Katera XL for around $300-350....I have one up for a new home right now.

    BUT the one thing that would cause me to say don't buy it is if the bow is not your draw length. The Katera uses Z3 cams which are not adjustable. So you may be searching for a new set.

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