Sitting in my stand last weekend staring at the squirrels and I noticed the cables on my tree stand looked alittle rusty. this gets me thinking about this stand. I try to remember when I purchased this stand and how long it's been in this tree? I look at the back and see the chain is dug into the tree, the lower strap has some serious pressure on it, so I knew that stand has been in the tree for quite a long time. I figure that I must of got that stand right around 1995 or so. So that thing has been hanging around in a tree (not the same tree) for around 17 years. Now me being the cheap skate I am I know it was a cheap stand and on sale stand as it was. So I wonder......What is the usefull lifespan of a tree stand? I got quite a few spread out through our woods and I'm thinking it might be time to start replacing them.

What do you do? Change them out ever so often or wait intil you fall out of the tree before replacing them?