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    Default Help me understand some basics

    Please correct me where needed and help me understand the nature of compound bows. I currently shoot a 60" 50# PSE recurve and am trying to decide which compound would suit me. I'll use it for 3D and target, not likely to hunt but prefer a bow that could be used for hunting over one that is a pure target type.

    So, here is my confusion:

    I 'think' I know the "back wall" is when you draw the string all the way back to a point where it will not come back any further.

    I also believe the "valley" is the range of the draw just before you hit the back wall and the draw force of the string in the valley is greatly reduced.

    I'm guessing that "creep" is when you purposely relax your pull at the back wall and let the string move through the valley toward that point when the cam/s suddenly increase the pull of the string. (do you purposely do this before triggering the release, so you shoot from within the valley or do you shoot from the wall?)

    Assuming I have that correct, here is my question:

    My recurve is 50 pounds draw weight so I 'think' I know what 50 pounds draw weight feels like....

    If I had a 50 pound compound bow, where during the draw cycle, if ever, would I feel the same force that I feel on my recurve?

    I'm guessing, shortly after beginning to draw until I hit the valley?

    The main reason for my question is to learn if I should be looking for a compound bow of the same draw weight as my recurve. If a compound bow will enable me to move upp to more draw weight then i want to take advantage of that.

    My main reason for wanting a compound bow is I want to increase my range and shoot faster and flatter than my recurve.
    I'm a total rookie to archery, just bought the recurve to join my rookie daughter and discovered I love shooting arrows at stuff.

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