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Thread: tuning

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    Default tuning

    When i shoot my bow the arrow wants to do a loop. what do i need to do to tune the bow correctly?

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    Sounds like your knock height and or your arrow rest is off.

    easiest way is to take it to a pro-shop and have them tune.
    If your a do it yourself kind of guy, take some time and read this manual. It will set you straight on the basics of tuning the bow yourself. Paper tuning is a good start and will get you close, after that I do alittle bare shaft tuning and finish up with my broadheads. If your broadheads are flying with your practise tips then you have a well tuned bow.


    There is alot in this manual that doesn't pertain to a compound and alot in there that can make tuning a bow sound like a impossible task so you need to keep to the basics, for you, I would start on the section called paper tuning. That is a very good discription of paper tuning and how and why to make the adjustments, stick to it and it'll have you shooting a straight arrow in no time.

    Good luck and don't be shy with any follow up questions or how things turn out.

    to 3d shoots,

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    Does your bow look anything like this by any chance??????
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    It could be a draw length issue, arrow not matched to the poundage (to weak or to stiff), nocking point too high or too low, rest not set centershot, fletching contact, cams not synchronized, or form issues just to mention a few. Or it could be a combination of any of these.
    Nuts & Bolts on Archery Talk has several good posts on tuning.
    Like Gator Eye said the Easton manual is good also.
    You could take it to an archery shop and have things checked out.

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    thanks for your help! not an expert on bows cept i can shoot em good so drove me nuts tryin to shoot it. played around with it some and its more consistent but not good so hopin to get it to a shop this week!

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    Sure sounds like string nock point is off. Or too weak of spine in your arrow. Paper tuning at 20yards is going to tell you everything. Walk back tuning is a very good way to get it precise. Check this link it may help!

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