Recently,one of the areas I hunt has started coming alive with scrapes and rubs.I've also been getting some good early morning trail camera pictures of a nice 8 pt.(not this deer) that I am set on attempting to kill.So today I got to my stand at about 0540 hrs.,jumping a deer on the way in.No big deal.A few minutes after getting settled into my stand,I started hearing a deer approaching.The deer is now about 5 yards from my stand milling about and feeding.As pink light approaches,I see it is a forkie and watch it as it drifts off into the swamp.Just as the deer goes out of sight,I start hearing loud crashing coming from my right.This deer is coming in fast,so I grab my bow and get ready.Several seconds later,I see antlers about 30 yards out and coming directly at my stand location.At 15 yards the buck stops behind a large pine tree for a few seconds and then steps into the clear at 15 yards.I was at full draw by this time,and sent an arrow through the boiler room.The buck did the classic mule kick and crashed off into the swamp where it tipped over 60 yards away.I shot the deer with my black death Strother SR-71 (70 lbs. @ 29").Arrows are 250 CX maxima hunters tipped with 100 grain Exodus broadheads.The shot was a complete pass through with the arrow burying about 9 inches into the dirt on the exit side.The arrow passed through both lungs and the very top of the heart.Broadhead and arrow are in perfect condition,other than the head needing to be cleaned up and resharpened.Dressed weight was 186 lbs.Your looking at the exit hole in the picture.Never had this buck on my trail camera.Total new comer.