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    Default How to find tournaments in my area?

    So this site has about everything... however I find it very hard to believe that there are no archery tournaments in my area all winter... Thinking indoor 300 or even indoor 3Ds. The shoot finder doesn't come up with anything. Does anyone else use a different site or how do you find these competitions? A co-worker sent me one indoor shoot but of course I cannot make that one, but it got me thinking there has to be more out there that I am missing out on.

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    Usually one of the best sources of info is your local pro shop or just archery shop. Another is the yellow pages of the phine book (does anybody use these any more). Ask or look for archery clubs in your area.

    Many times a local shop will have a board where local clubs advertise or post fliers about shoots or league shooting schedules. Maybe you have to join a club to shoot. No big deal. That's why practicing or just shooting in the back yard is not the best activity.
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    Most archery clubs and even pro shops hold leagues during the winter.
    Are here most start right after the holidays, call around I'm sure you can find a league or two to join.

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    Both bfisher and gator eye are spot on, visit as many archery shops in the area and ask around. Good luck

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