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Thread: Mission Rally

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    Default Mission Rally

    Looking into buying a Mission Rally for 3D. Just curious if anyone has any experience or any info about them. New to the forum as well as 3D shooting. Thanks for any info.

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    Welcome to 3D.

    I have never shot the Rally bow. but it should be a good first time starter bow. it has a wide range of adjustments. this would be a big help in adjusting it to your style and form. and the price is not bad. I should warn you. this sport can become an addiction.

    good luck.
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    I have a Mission Endeavor that I hunt with, but was looking into the Rally to get into 3D with. Everything I have read says its a great starter bow. We will see.

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    I like this bow alot and would probably buy it if I was in the market for a compound but it's pretty slow at 300fps IBO, so you might take that into consideration if you have a shorter draw length.

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    Talking A little known fact !

    I brought a Mission Menace a few years back for the grandkids , as they are all sizes , well I need to buy another bow or two for them because there are 9 of them now and they all want to shoot bow !

    Have fun with whatever you decide !

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