Decided to get out of the 3-D biz. Well, actually I decided about 7 years ago but have kept this bow around because its just as good as a new one. I have a 2004, I believe, AR-37 for sale. Bow was shot 1 3-D season in 2004 and has been kept in an aluminum bow case since. Has a custom string that has held up well. It is very hard to tell the bow is not new other than the purple and orange string with loop and peepsight installed. Pretty sure that PSE didn't ship them from the factory that way. ;-) Its a 60-70# RH bow set at 27.5 inches. It is adjustable with modules and I am not sure how hard they would be to get ahold of if you needed to change them. It has the "Ram and a Half" cam system on it and when I was shooting ASA it was shooting 284 fps with Gold Tip 22 Series arrows and 85 grain nibs. I have stripped all the goodies off of it but they are being sold as well so look for my other posts. I am buying another bow setup and am selling both my other bows. I just looked and don't understand why but the S/N of this bow appears to be 0999999. Don't know if AR just didn't put S/N's on 'em or what.

If you are looking for the complete setup then let me know and we can work up a package deal. Also have 9-10 Gold-Tip 22 Ultralight Pro Series arrows cut to 25" with nibs installed if you happen to have the same draw as I.

Other items that will be for sale are:

Toxonics 3550 3-D Sight with Bullseye Millennium AP scope and 4x center drilled lens - $125+shipping

Trophy Taker drop-away rest - $20+shipping

Doinker 30" carbon stabilizer and Shrewd Precision V-bar and double back stabilizers - $70+shipping

2006 PSE Firestorm Lite, 70#, NRG Hybrid Cams with sights, drop away rest, stabilizer, limb savers, peep, and loop with custom string. Basically everything but quiver, arrows, and release. - $275+shipping

Also have an Alpine Soft-loc 5 arrow quiver in camo that I would like to trade for a black one.

Make me a reasonable offer on any of this stuff.