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    Default Thank you 3d shoots

    I would just like to post a thread here to say Thank-You to Chris for this great Forum he runs here!!!! Just over a year ago(sept 2011) I bought my first real bow???"yerrr I know a waffle iron"!!!!!I joined here on the 21-6-2011 and asked all sorts of Questions and Asked a tonne of questions and rasied a little hell along the way and 6662 post later just want to say 3 D shoots you changed my life!!!2 years ago I was diginosed with "Clinical Depresion" and found it hard to leave the house,Doctors called it A stress related burn-out and told me to take 3 tablets aday and in 5-6 years I might get well!!!!I decided to take up archery after talking with a few of the great guru's on this site and the rest is well shall we say History!!!!!!Drugs and Archery well there's a good idea, But little by little I found that the cure for my problem wasn't medication but returning to the things I loved as a child like Hunting Fishing and getting back into the great outdoors!!!!Thanks to the likes of Carpshooter,Gatoreye,Longcuts36 and even Smokes and there advice today I'm medication free and loving life once again!!!!The secrets that have been shared here and the Archery help I've received here have been in a word "AWESOME" and have lead to the return of my lifestyle that I had missed for years!!!!I now belong to a Archery Club N.A.F.A (north albert feild archery club) and it has 200 + members and I'm proud to call them all my Mates !!!!! This is the first time I've ever talked here about this and I hope you won't think less of me for shareing but I just want to thank 3 D shoots\Chris and it's members for all the help and good times you given me!!!In Closing I'd also like to share if depression was the sickness then Archery was the God sent cure for me and it seems to be workng still as of today I'm now the if you can beleive it the Open Champion of my Club!!!!!Thank-you all for the friendship and support even if you didn't know it over the last year you've all been a God Send Guys

    Cheers your Aussie Mate Tim"Westy" West
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