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    Default Best Bow Case for Under $200

    I've been doing research to buy a case for my girlfriend archer's bow (compound, parallel), and I think that it's gotten to the point that I need some tailored advice. Most of the posts relate to very expensive cases. I want something that can take a beating (including being tossed around by baggage people at the airport) and keep her bow safe. I don't care whether it is hard or soft, as long as it can serve this function. I'd obviously prefer one that allows for organization, easy access, etc. It is for one bow, but I'd consider a double -- with me and my guns, I find that I typically can use some more space to pack some other gear when I'm leaving for a hunting trip.

    Looks like SKB, Vanguard, and Lakewood have a great rep, but I see some scattered complaints about each and a lot of the reviews relate to expensive models. Some of the Plano models get good reviews as well. For SKB, looks like it would have to be the Hunter line to be in the price range, not the more hardcore mil-spec cases.

    One specific thing -- the Lakewoods look great as a general case, but how do they do during airline travel -- can you lock them up and secure them?

    The Vanguard model I'm seeing most of is the Axiom.

    Thanks in advance!
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