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    Default finding the right bow

    My 13 y.o. daughter has done archery in school and love it, we bought her her own bow for Christmas. My husband bought him a bow because he has decided he would like to shoot with her. Our dilemma is our 9 y.o. son. He is very small, and my husband feel he should get him one also, so there is no jealousy between them. We do not want to spend a lot on a bow for him because we do not know if he will want to shoot. We need a 6-12# draw strength due to his size. Anyone have any sugesstions on a compound bow that is good quality and inexpensive?

    Thank you

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    I started my daughter off with a mini genesis kit . It is only 2 lbs 6 to 12 lbs draw weight and a 14 to 25 inch draw length. The kit came with every thing she neaded to start for 200. i bealive. she used it for 2 yrs then graduated to a biger bow now and out shoots me quite carefull its an adictave sport..........

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    Just be aware the Genesis has no let of; I've started a couple of kids off on a RangerIII - it has an amazing range 15-45lbs and 17-28". It can take them a long ways until they need another bow. The Diamond Atomic is another good choice and covers an even lower end; it will go down under 10# and a 12 or 14" draw, the top end is just lower.
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    Default Compound bow for kids

    Just bought a Lil'Banshee 15lb pull for my 7 year old grandson at Fleet Farm. It's was a bit hard for him to pull at first, but even after a couple of days he's getting the hang of it. Cost about 30.00 with 2 alum arrows.

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