Contender Elite.............who wants some? West-T? LC?? Carpy?? duene? smokes? Wheely?? come on break those spot shooters out and lets see what you got!

Stuggled through half a 5 spot game and realized I never turned it down from field and it was set at 63 pounds. dropped it down to 53 reset the sight and finished strong 2nd half. Felt alittle rusty but after a 7 month break it felt pretty dang good.

The bow felt heavy and I might of been dropping my arm alittle at the shot so I'm going to take some weight off tonight and do another round, I haven't shot in so long I might have to build my shoulder muscles back up.

Bring on BIG RED Baby!!

ps......I was going to insert a pic of my target bow here but for the life of me I can't find a single pic of it

and no Carpy I haven't been hitting the bottle today