To any of you wisemen:
I am in need of some words of wisdom. I am also new to the idea of bow hunting, and owning a bow. I have yet to go hunting in the woods, but because I am military, I have gone "hunting" before.....the 2-legged kind. I have knowledge of scoped-rifles and carbines; and engaged targets out to distance. But I would like to experience having to engage something with a weapon as simple as a compound bow that's no more than 30 meters away. I have extensive knowledge of firearms, but know absolutely nothing about compound bows. I have been doing my research as best I can, and am currently still conducting it as I write this. I have come to 2 conclusions ........

1- I know that I WANT A Hoyt Vectrix. Why? It seems like a good "starter" bow, as that is what I am, a beginner. I would like to have some bare necessities on it as well (then I can work my way up to better pins, strings, etc, start small, then work up). I know that because of my height, it has to be no more than a 28" draw, and about 60 lbs draw weight.

2- I'm on a budget. $250 is what I can really afford at any time. I know that realistically I will not be able to get everything that I would want for that. And I also understand that no hunter selling their bow will drop their price down to that low of an amount. But it would be great if I were to be able to get what I want for that amount. All the bows that I have looked at have been used and are great bows, and the owners have taken good care of them as well.

So this is what I have come up with. Gentlement, if you could possible reply to this with advice, and help, it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for everything.