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    Default Newbie to bow hunting.....looking for wisdom

    To any of you wisemen:
    I am in need of some words of wisdom. I am also new to the idea of bow hunting, and owning a bow. I have yet to go hunting in the woods, but because I am military, I have gone "hunting" before.....the 2-legged kind. I have knowledge of scoped-rifles and carbines; and engaged targets out to distance. But I would like to experience having to engage something with a weapon as simple as a compound bow that's no more than 30 meters away. I have extensive knowledge of firearms, but know absolutely nothing about compound bows. I have been doing my research as best I can, and am currently still conducting it as I write this. I have come to 2 conclusions ........

    1- I know that I WANT A Hoyt Vectrix. Why? It seems like a good "starter" bow, as that is what I am, a beginner. I would like to have some bare necessities on it as well (then I can work my way up to better pins, strings, etc, start small, then work up). I know that because of my height, it has to be no more than a 28" draw, and about 60 lbs draw weight.

    2- I'm on a budget. $250 is what I can really afford at any time. I know that realistically I will not be able to get everything that I would want for that. And I also understand that no hunter selling their bow will drop their price down to that low of an amount. But it would be great if I were to be able to get what I want for that amount. All the bows that I have looked at have been used and are great bows, and the owners have taken good care of them as well.

    So this is what I have come up with. Gentlement, if you could possible reply to this with advice, and help, it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for everything.

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    Have you tryed shooting any compound bows to know that is the bow for you. if the bow is to much weaight to pull or the draw length isnt corect it will lead to problembs with acuracy and no fun to shoot. Personaly i wouldnt buy a bow without shooting it first what i like about a bow the next might hate..good luck on your adventure.

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    i have shot a PSE, but i don't remember the name. and to be perfectly honest, if i do end up shooting a bow that seems like i won't like it......i can almost guarantee that i will make it work. but all the research that i have done to find what brand that i would like, all points me to Hoyt. i am a man who knows what he wants, much like any man who knows what works for them. i am sure that if i go with Hoyt, i will be happy. if there are any suggestions that you or anyone else may have in regards to a good Hoyt, other than a Vectrix, by all means....please let me know. thank you.

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