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    Default getting started in 3d

    hi, im new to this but i really want to get into 3d this next year. As of right now i shoot a 60-70lb mathews monster and im buying another one here shortly that is going to be a 80lb for hunting. so i want to make my older one a 3d bow. My questions are, what should i shoot for draw weight, arrows, sights, stabalizers and releases. I shot my first 3d tournament this summer just for fun and cam within 10 points of the winner with my hunting setup. Im not the average archer ether.

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    Useualy i use the same setup that i hunt with so im confident come season and in the top 3 at all the shoots . If i decide to shoot open class i have a viper pro sight with 5 .10 pins with a lense,28" vibracheck stab,8" viper side bar , elite set at 55 #. Its more about budget and what works for you may not me.

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