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    Default Helped on SG deer

    Feeling pretty good. A bud shot at two early in the am. he called for assistance, I jumped. End of the day both deer were hit low, in the upper leg. Swamp/briar patch woods, slow going just trying to pry your way through. He uses a 20ga benelli slug gun w/scope. Remington accutips zeroed at 50. Shots were about 30. 1st deer tracked blood was sparce, relying at times on hoof marks untill a smear or drop showed. Nice having two guys, one on blood, one looking ahead on likely runs. I was the on blood guy. Never leave it. On more than one occasion the deer made an abrupt turn which was only found by patience. stay on last blood and LOOK. A smear, a drop, it's there, just have to slow down and LOOK. We eventually did jump up that first deer and it was not hard to follow after it ran. We ran, or hustled right on it. Caught a glimpse of it, no shot, kept after it. felt we had to make him move. He went 4-5oo yards along a small river before my bud cut him off and the deer crossed the river. we picked up tracks right off and heard him go ahead of us. my bud swung out to an opening and saw the deer going on 3 legs. He basicly ran him down from there. the deer was out of gas and he finished him. I went for the truck, my bud dressed and dragged to the nearest spot on a power line.
    Deer 2, went back in at noon and started sorting it out. Again, sparse blood, 1 on blood, 1 venturing ahead. This deer did'nt travel as far but stayed in thick cover. again, 2 guys rock. When the venturer could'nt come up with anything, the on blood guy really sat down and looked. We got damm close. Deer busted or tried, 20 yards from me but I had no visual. We consulted, spread out 40 yards and struggled through the briars in the general direction. It popped up in front of me trying to leave and I took a shot. A push ahead through the briars to the spot, it looked like I hit it (surprise) hair and generous blood trail. 40 yards on we found her. About 330 pm. PHEW!!!! I don't care if you shoot one with a gun or a bow, desperation sets in if you hit one. I'm so glad we were able to catch up with them both. FYI both were identical hits, destroyed the off side upper legs. Not a fatal hit, but if you stay after them, you can end it. Congrats to my friend, who is a good hunter and land owner, who made the best out of a bad situation. He is not feeling so good about it however. we all would feel the same way.
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    Glad you didnt give up persistance pays off. To many guys in my area say oh well theres more and go on.

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    Congratulations guys, yeh there is a lot of people out there that will just give up, especially if they know its a bad hit. I have had the opportunity to help others on bad hits and they just wanted to quit looking but I encouraged them to hang in there and we did eventually find their deer.
    Patients is always better because tomorrow will be another day.

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