went out on a fire arms hunt Friday with my father in law Rick. got in stands around 1:30. at 3 herd 2 shots from the direction of Rick a moment later a 6 point walked in about 50 yards from me settled the sights behind the shoulder and bang. he only went 30 yards and crashed. as i am getting down from the stand my phone starts ringing, its rick told him i got a 6 and he comes over to see what i got. I was very pleased with my harvest and he said to me it is a good thing mine was down cause we needed to go find his. great blood trail that went on and on. it really is amazing how far a shot deer can go. we tracked his deer 3/4 of a mile and eventually found it 10 feet from someones back door. It was still alive and looking right at us. we decided to go back to the truck and give it some time. about an hour later we drove to the house where his deer was but now someone was home. knocked on the door and a lady answered. we told her what was up and that we were sorry to bother her. she was nice enough to let us go get the deer. the plan was to chase the deer back into the woods where we could put another shot in it but when we got around the back of the house the deer was dead. we dragged it out to the truck and that was that. just goes to show that fallowing a blood trail can pay off. no mater how long the trail is. ricks deer was a good looking 8 point. and my 6 was the first deer i have ever taken with a fire arm.

2 buck 300 yards apart taken within 2 minutes of each other. now that is what i call a good day of hunting.