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    Default Looking to get back into Archery

    When I was in middle school I was in the Archery Club, and I enjoyed it a lot. And since then I have been thinking about trying to get back into it as a leisurely activity. I am current 20. I am looking for a bow that could be good for what I am wanting to do that is not expensive. I am not all that strong so I would prefer the draw weight to be no more than 20-25 pounds max, especially for now, for back yard use. I would love some suggestions on some inexpensive bows that would be work. Also, as of right now I think I would prefer a Compound Bow, will probably be easier on me as a beginner. Eventually I want a Long Bow, mostly because I enjoy a challenge. I would really enjoy some input on some bows.


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    Barnett makes a youth bow called the vortex. It's adjustable drone 24-45 lb. and the draw length I adjustable from 21" to 27". Comes with a rest,3-pin sight, quiver and arrows. You can get them anywhere, Walmart, dunhams, mc sports. I bought one for my little brother 2 years ago and he's still using it. I think there about $160 or so. Bear archery also makes some good adjustable bows but are a little more expensive.

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