I have for sale a LH PSE stingray. 40 to 50lb limbs 32 inches axle to axle 7.25 inch brace height. PSE brush camo. Two draw length modules going with it a 26 module and a 28 module. Bow has adjustment up and down on the cam as well and modules for lightning cam are available on ebay for about ten bucks. I am throwing in a matching vibracheck stabilizer that matches the bow and balances it perfectly. Also the bow has brand new never shot strings and cables in 8190 material from JBK strings. Will include old set for backup set. This is a great hunting bow and lightest you will pack in the woods weighs 3.1lb. Get a light fast hunting rig without paying a grand for it. I took a buck with it at 45 yards this year so don't sweat the draw weight. I will take $150.00 for it via paypal or postal money order payment.