my cousin and i shot 2 nice bucks 15 min from madison wi, both shot on private. I smoked the wide 21in 11 point at 72yards at 3:30pmwith a 125gr wak em, and the buck went less then 100 yards. After getting the buck in the truck i sent out a pic message of the buck and at 4:45 my cousin called me and i figured he was going to ask about my buck, but no. He ended up shooting that nice 8 point out of one of my food plots. He shot him with a rage at 30 yards, hit a little high and the buck ran 220 yards. It was his first buck with his bow.
The 8 was 18in wide 3.5year old. score 140 and mine was a 5.5 year old 160 3/8 beating my biggest by 2 inches. This was the best day of hunting We ever had.

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