Custom printed 1:24,000 USGS topographical maps.
Printed on 135 gsm matte paper.

What makes my maps custom? Before I print them, I add the latitude and longitude lines and the UTM grid lines to the map. This makes plotting points easier and faster. I can also mark points on the map at the customers request and print that information onto the map. For example, if a customer had the grid cooridinates or the lat/longs for the corners of a piece of property, I could add boundary lines of the property to the map before printing.

These are official USGS maps and I do not alter the base information on the map. Their accuracy remains untouched.

If you are interested, all I need is the location you want the map to cover. Sometimes, the sheet names of the maps are of towns that were significant when the area was mapped, but have declined. The map of my hunting area is named after a town that doesn't even exist anymore. So, give me any information you might have and we'll figure it out.

Cost for each map is $15 with $5 shipping. I accept paypal, credit cards, money orders and checks. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.