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    Default Archery equipment

    Hey guys im getting the Diamond Fugitive and wanted to know if i should get 60lb or 70lb draw weight. Also what are some good mid price arrows and i your help to make up my mind what Broadheads should i get ? If you could help at all thx

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    You should get the bow at a poundage that is easy for you to shoot everyone is diffrent.Personaly i can pull 70 with no problemb but chose to shoot60 when i have on all my hunting gear on and its 30 deg out its easy to pull and pleanty enough to pass threw any game i hunt.For mid priced arrows i choose gold tip xt hunters or expeditions . Broad heads i use thunder head 100 gr because i shoot atleast 6 does a year on management tags , they are cheap ,fly staight,sharp and have never lost a deer to failure...

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    Talking A little known fact !

    I shoot a 60 lb. bow set at 54 lbs. and hunt in temps that are near zero at times . I use Rage or Spitfire broadheads ( three bladed ) for huinting deer .

    Good luck !

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    If you are planning on hunting something big and you can handle 70# in freezing weather then go that way. If you're shooting 3D or won't be hunting anything bigger than deer, there is no need to go over 60.
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    Default to the fugitive, cool name

    If you can pull 70 straight back with out struggle then do it. Then get those 2 inch rage for that double lung. I use Beman arrows very tough and made in the USA ! If you like harvesting more game more often equip that bow with a sound masking "Deceiver" By Slice A Life Archery.


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    Broadheads? Try Rage or Montec
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