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Thread: new to indoor

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    Default new to indoor

    I am looking for info (rules,setup ect.) for indoor shoots. I shoot 3-d outdoor and hunt but want to keep skills going in off season. I dont know much about indoor leagues or the rules,and such. I have an expo center in my community that is avaible to use. If anyone has info or a web where I can find info that would be great. Thanks Jeremy

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    A good place to start is the NFAA home page. It has the rules and classes listed. Good luck.

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    IMHO The best thing to do is just to find and go to a local shoot. A lot of archery clubs and shops have winter leagues and will welcome you with open arms. Just let them know you new at the indoor game and they will probably give you more help than you want or need.

    It's fun give it a whirl

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