I am new to archery so I lack a lot of knowledge that a lot of you have so I'm asking for a little advise. I was wondering what a Martin Hatfield takedown 40# is worth. The bow is about five/six years old and is in real good condition. It has a couple very small scratches.

I wanted to get my wife in to archery so I was buying a used x-200 30# for her and the guy arrived with the Martin Hatfield, x-200 and a Bear Grizzly 50#. Plus about 24 new arrows and about 30 used with three quivers. I know the x-200 should be worth around $200? The grizzly around $200? I'm not sure about the Martin Hatfield. All items are about five or six years old.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks

I also posted this in the Archery Talk forum but haven't received any replies