I am very glad to confirm and announced that Firenock Target system is the only lighted nock that are allow to be used in any ASA shots. Firenock LLC offers 3 main lighting systems to be use with archery projectiles, they are
1) hunting: Stay on visibly solid till manually shut off by the archer
2) target: Auto shut off in 17 seconds after being shot
3) blinking: Stay on visibly solid for 6 seconds, then blink till manually shut off by the archer.

Firenock Target system will auto shut off in 17 seconds after it was being shot make it legal to use in ASA. Which means it will only be seen when the archer fire the arrow and other for as very short time which make it very easy to confirm the exact impact point of the arrow. The fact the nock shuts itself off shortly, the chance the next archer will be disturb by it is non-issue. For those who prefer dark colors nock, Firenock offers the Wood color and Smoke color nocks in S style which is specially design to become invisible to naked eyes under broad day light and indoor lighting respectively after the lighting system shut off by itself.

Firenock had offer lighted nock for target use for arrow with ID from 0.204" to 22/64" as of 2012. In case of the 0.246" or standard S style, Firenock offer 54 colors, and most other style we have no less than 18 colors to choose from. So for those target archers who prefer perfect color matching equipment, we sure have the color to make you happy. In 2013, Firenock even offer the target light nock system to go into arrow with ID as big as 23/64" shaft like the Easton Fatboys, and Black Eagle Challengers.

We at Firenock feel that this year there will be more target archer trying Firenock target system in many of the shots in the 3D courses. Especially when they discover the benefit of using a lighted nock, and how precise Firenock Polycarbonate is to improve their game.