Info on strings
The most common thing is care.
a. inspect and clean and wax the string.
inspect and replace if any defects or broken strands.
wax and burnish, burnish the wax into the string this is but taking a leather strap rubbing it up and down the string to create heat and melt it into the strands.

b. types of string material.
8125g is used for speed it has creep and stretch
452x is general purpose no stretch and no creep
Trophy is general and hunting no stretch and no creep
(creep is when the fibers pull apart. stretch is when all the strands become equal in length.Thus a pre-stretched string has no peep rotation)

c. Strings don't last forever
general shooting replace every 2 to 3 years
target shooters every 1 to 2 years

d. Accessories
speed nocks for the extra speed
string silencers slows the string down

e. Center serving should allow the nock to fit snugly, not tight. The arrow should fall of the string when hanging and the bow is tapped.

Remember a well maintained string will help your bow preform excellent.

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