I started a new hobby about a year ago and was wondering if anyone else has gotten into fish. I have one 90 gallon with 14 Discus, one 55 gallon with 8 Angles, one thirty gallon with 7 Rainbow, one 20 gallon with 6 Tiger Barbs, and one 20 waiting on the Discus to lay eggs.

Each tank has a few Cory Cats and a couple Chinese Algae Eaters to help keep the bottoms clean. The two larger tanks are planted tanks and also have a handful of Neon in there to keep everything lively.

Each fish has a name. I call them by name at feed time and they seem to recognize their name. Every day as I raise the lid I say, “here fishy, fishy” and they come to the top just like they know their names.
Of course the wife seems to think that they would come to the top even if I was real quite but that is okay because I know that they hear me calling their names.