Hello you guys and gals. Id like to take a second and introduce my self and tell you a little bit about what we offer to all of us like minded folks.

Sticks N Strings Media produces printed items. Such as our 2013 Calendar that has all IBO and ASA National Tournament Dates and Locations listed on each date. The Calendars also have a tips from the pro's section from pro's like Nathan Brooks, Margie Carter, Kailey Johnston, and Just Martin. The Calendar is very well put together and is of top notch quality.

We also our working on a practice journal that will be released hopefully tonight. I am waiting on the ok from the 1 of 3 guys that have been testing it out for me. Ive already gotten 2 ok's from two of them.

Here are some pic's of the Calendar covers and inside pages. If I get the ok from the last guy, ill post some pic's of the journal. All orders are shipped either the same day or next business day as I have pre ordered and have stock of the Calendars and will have also do the same for the journal. Nice thing is I work for the Commercial printer that is doing the printing so If I get the ok. All I have to do is print the insides, UV Coat the covers, cut to size, and then punch and coil them. Thats all easy.

Thank you for your time.