So when I first started shooting about 2 years ago I purchased a wrist strap trigger release... It worked OK but for long usage it started to wear on my skin and it seemed that I couldn't get the same alignment with it. SO I went out and purchased a caliper hand release (Tru-Fire Edge 4 Camo Release). It also was OK to use but again I couldn't stay consistent with it at all. It seemed that I was always thinking about how I could get it to release the same way each time and I really struggled to bring in my groups. So last night after league I purchased a release off a guy that won a release that he wasn't using at Lancaster. WOW oh wow, so much better. I got the STAN SX2, and the first time I shot it, it scared the crap out of me... So easy to release my arrows down range, now I can just stair at the target and not even think about my release. If there are any beginners out there that want to use a back tension I would say this one is a good one. I have tried a Carter as well but I couldn't even get it to go off. Hey to each their own, but I hope STAN is my man!