Mathews ICON 29" 60-70 lb RH, Haven't hunted in several years due to a shoulder injury. I decided to start shooting again only to discover my shoulder can't handle the weight so I'm selling my ICON. The bow comes with the following: DMC hard case, 11 Easton XX75 Superlite 2314 w/4" feathers,Whisker Biscuit rest, HiTek 7" stabilizer, braided bow sling,Mathews 5 arrow detachable hunting quiver, limb savers limb vibration dampers and string leechs, 1/4" hunter peep, fletchmatic wrist/concho rope release. I may have some additional items as well. Asking $450 OBO. Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance if desired, payment bank/postal/certified check, money order or paypal (add 3% to cover PayPal fees) Thats for looking.